Transcription Foot Pedal Recommendations

If you do not currently have a transcription foot pedal, our recruiting staff will recommend a standard USB connector pedal such as the Infinity USB. If you have a computer with a 9-pin serial connector or a USB to 9-pin adapter, you can use use a 9-pin serial foot pedal, but if the USB foot pedal is recommended if you don’t already have a 9-pin foot pedal that you want to you. Although the foot pedals may all look and function the same, the connectors matter because they attach the foot pedal to your computer and the software expects the foot pedal to be plugged into one of your computer’s serial ports.

The 9-pin serial connector will plug into a 9-pin serial connector on the back of your PC. The connector on your PC will have 9 pins that stick out like needles instead of having 9 holes like this foot pedal has in the above photo. If you do not have a connector on your PC that is available for the foot pedal, an inexpensive adapter is available that will allow you to plug this pedal into an open USB port on your PC. This will allow it to work with virtually any computer sold in the U.S. for the past 5 years, including laptop computers that only have USB ports. We strongly recommend only the Belkin brand  USB adapter. BELKIN is the only brand USB adapter that EditScipt tech support will help you with if there is a problem with getting your foot pedal to work.

If you do not have a transcription foot pedal yet, we strongly recommend buying the USB foot pedal instead of the 9-pin foot pedal. This will save you the added expense of an adapter cable and also it will be more reliable and less trouble to move between computers.

Note:  We do not require you to purchase any specific brand of equipment or to make your purchase from any specific merchant. Our recommendations are meant to be a helpful guide in determining if your current footpedal is compatible with our systems and to help you purchase a compatible footpedal if you need to make a purchase. Because they have the lowest price we have found for foot pedals, we recommend Executive Communication Systems at They can provide 9 pin or USB foot pedals.  You can get the USB foot pedal at this link:


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