Speech for EHR/EMR

Fast Chart’s Speech enabled EHR/EMR is powered by advanced speech understanding™ technology that makes it simple and intuitive for physicians to dictate, review and electronically sign their reports in a single pass.

About Speech for EHR/EMR

Speech understanding™ technology powered by M*Modal is the first and only cloud-based platform that understands physician narratives, not just individual words. This allows physicians and healthcare providers to dictate in a conversational tone without having to call out certain keywords to cue the speech engine.


For healthcare organizations and providers, every minute spent on administrative tasks is time that could be spent with a patient. While the transition from paper to electronic health records and electronic medical records has certainly increased efficiency, productivity and data security, there are still ways to further optimize your time.

The bottom line is that if a system or software is cumbersome to use, physicians and healthcare providers won’t use it to its full potential. With Speech for EHR/EMR, say goodbye to the template-based, point-and-click systems of the past and say hello to even more improved productivity, increased physician satisfaction, and higher quality documentation.

The benefits extend far beyond cost control to include the facilitation of EHR adoption and optimization of the continuity of patient care within your operating environment.

  •    Dictate, review and electronically sign reports in a single pass
  •    Eliminate point-and-click systems by speech enabling EHR functionality
  •    Works with any EHR or clinical system. Command libraries integrate with leading EHRs
  •    Ready to use in minutes with little to no IT support
  •    Adjusts on the fly to accent, dialect and cadence differences

For more information about how Speech for EHR/EMR can improve the quality of your clinical documentation and reduce your medical transcription costs, request a quote from Fast Chart today.

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