Intelligent Imaging

Delayed or inconclusive imaging results have no place in today’s face-paced healthcare system. Fast Chart offers a comprehensive, intelligent imaging, radiology reporting solution that improves the speed and accuracy of findings by uniting three critical applications; intelligent Speech Understanding™, a consolidated vendor-neutral worklist, and advanced departmental business analytics.Through M*Modal’s unique Speech Understanding™ technology, Radiologists can easily create electronic documents that are structured, clinically encoded, searchable and shareable. And it’s all by doing what comes naturally – speaking.

One of the major barriers Radiologists face in optimizing productivity are the multiple sites, specialties, RIS, EHRs and PACs they are faced with every day. Fast Chart’s Intelligent Imaging solution unifies and simplifies the imaging worklist so every exam, regardless of location or vendor, is delivered into single, Web-based view.

So how do you measure if the process is working? That’s when you need advanced departmental business analytics. Efficiency is measured at each phase of the radiology care cycle to identify opportunities for improvement. Powerful, real-time analytics give Radiologists and administrators the data they need to make informed decisions. The kind of decisions that result in improved efficiency, higher productivity, and better yet, increased revenue.

Intelligent Imaging Features:
• Intelligent Speech Understanding™ Technology.
• Structured reporting and integrated productivity tools.
• Simplify and unify the imaging worklist through a single, web-based view.
• Advanced exam filtering and prioritization, as well as workload distribution and exam assignment capabilities based on customized business rules.
• Automatically search, locate, and view relevant patient data.
• Follow up recommendations are electronically read, tagged and tracked in the system.
• Easily view trends using intuitive, customized, role-based dashboards and graphic reports.

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