Since opening our doors, our philosophy has always been to provide the highest quality documentation, consistently on-time, with competitive pricing. Fast Chart strictly adheres to the Clinical Documentation Industry Association’s billing methods principles, namely:

  • Verifiability. We track all of our output with a transparent billing system that clients can access and monitor online anytime.
  • Definability. We adhere to the AHIMA’s standard unit of measure – Visual Black Character (VBC).
  • Measurability. Our pricing structure is true to character and accurate, and we provide our clients with detailed billing reports.
  • Consistency. We consistently apply all of our medical transcription billing methods. We only change methods when the client requests it, and only after the new method has been clearly defined in a new or revised contract.
  • Integrity. Our billing methods are fair and honest.

With Fast Chart’s simple, verifiable pricing and billing standards, our clients can be confident that invoices reflect only charges for services rendered.

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