Our Medical Transcription Process

We understand that the last thing healthcare professionals need is another cumbersome system or process. That is why Fast Chart follows an easy, straightforward medical transcription process that allows users to achieve maximum success.

Initial Setup

Fast Chart’s digital transcription system is both powerful and easy to use, requiring a minimal amount of time for implementation and training. The initial setup can be accomplished according to the client’s needs. Once setup is complete, each physician will be provided with a unique ID number and a basic dictation format to follow.

Our Process

Our digital medical transcription process is based on three simple steps:

Step 1: Physicians dial directly into a digital transcription system

Step 2: After the medical chart is dictated, digital transcription is completed

Step 3: All documents are reviewed for accuracy prior to being returned to the facility

To help facilitate a positive patient experience, documents are returned in a timely manner via fax, modem, email, or Internet file transfer (FTP). Medical dictation for admissions and transfers (STATS) are returned within one hour.

The Results

Fast Chart has built a reputation for providing industry leading results that healthcare professionals can rely on. Our state-of-the-art technology combined with a 100% U.S. based staff of highly skilled medical transcriptionists, quality assurance specialists, customer service representatives, information service technicians and account managers, we have a system uptime of 99.9% with an accuracy greater than 98.5%.

To learn more about how our medical transcription process, contact Fast Chart today.

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