Computer Assisted Coding

Let’s face it, coding equals reimbursement and with ICD-10 bringing an additional 120,000 new codes, you may be subject to devastating cash flow backlogs if you’re not properly prepared. Fast Chart’s Computer Assisted Coding (CAC) solution, powered by M*Modal, eases the tension of ICD-10 while boosting the accuracy and productivity of ICD-9 today.With powerful workflow management tools and a fully embedded encoder with knowledge resources, Fast Chart’s CAC solution is the single reference your coders need to remove inefficiencies, reduce denials, and compress the billing cycle. Each minute saved is another minute closer to receiving reimbursement. The clock is ticking.

Computer Assisted Coding Features:
•  Automated coding workflow that flags incomplete physician documentation to proactively support CDI initiatives and reduce retrospective queries and delays.
•  Produce productivity gains of 25–75 percent by providing rapid review aids and directing coders to concentrate on priority cases.
• Minimize Discharged Not Final Billed (DNFB) rates through CAC, workflow queues and workforce management capability.
•  Combine strong coding workflow management with accurate ICD-9/ICD-10, CPT and E&M code assignments generated from automated medical report analysis.
•  Cloud-based solution that is accessible by coders located in-house or off-site.
•  Online messaging for Coders, supervisors, CDI professionals and physicians.
•  Plug in encoder-agnostic, Computer-Assisted Coding capabilities.
•  Compile documentation from multiple disparate sources to simplify coder review.

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