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Government reform, declining reimbursements, and a changing payer mix are just a few converging realities that threaten hospitals’ core profitability. Accurate and timely clinical documentation is essential in claiming every penny earned. In fact, your hospital’s success depends on it.

It’s not enough to solely rely on state-of-the-art technology or the guidance of an experienced team of industry professionals. It’s the combination of the two that has become Fast Chart’s winning strategy when helping hospitals across the country to streamline administrative functionality, increase revenue, reduce wasteful spending and ultimately improve patient care.

Scalable Solutions that Fit Your Clinical Documentation Needs
Fast Chart offers a single-vendor approach to providing the products, services, consulting, and resources you need to significantly improve clinical documentation processes and give you greater control over your financial and clinical outcomes. Our end-to-end solutions are expansive, but they’re also flexible. We can provide a highly-skilled team of U.S. based transcriptionists to work on your existing platform or help you implement the latest in cloud-based technology to upgrade your entire clinical documentation system for total outsourcing.

Cloud-Based Technology With Seamless Integration
Fast Chart’s cloud-based platform, powered by M*Modal, hosts a suite of products to help your organization capture, manage, analyze, and distribute documentation in a more timely, accurate and compliant fashion.

Speech Understanding™ technology offers Natural Language Understanding (NLU), which translates spoken and typed words into structured content that can be interpreted into Clinically Actionable Data (CAD). Without any change to the provider’s documentation routine, CAD turns narratives into actions, such as a call to prescribe medication. NLU and CAD contribute to enhanced clinical decision support, outcomes analysis, and ultimately improve the quality of care and patient safety.

Our state-of-the-art technology integrates with virtually all of the most popular EHR/EMR providers on the market. This allows providers to create comprehensive clinical documentation that incorporates voice and structured text in a single application. Compatible with all input devices (computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.), users benefit from both flexibility and efficiency. Our suite of advanced and easy-to-use applications will not only help speed EHR adoption but will improve productivity and also fulfill Meaningful Use requirements.

And because it’s cloud-based, there are no upfront cost or maintenance fees for the use of our system.

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