“[Fast Chart] provides excellent customer service by giving prompt attention to any issues experienced. Quality control of medical terminology from their MTs is excellent, ranging from 98 to 99.9% accuracy rate. I cannot say enough about the accuracy of their line counts on their invoices. From the very first invoice, their line count has matched our line count.”
– Gwen, Director CHS Transcription

“Fast Chart’s greatest strength is their ability to meet the needs of the customer, and work around technical issues. Fast Chart has been willing to work with us on any issue that we may have with transcription. They have even modified their processes to meet our requests.”
– Chris, AVP of Information Technology

“[Fast Chart] has always found a solution to a particular problem and I am amazed at how fast it is completed within the same day. For example, when I request to set up a new physician for a dictation i.d., it is ready to go in 30 minutes from the time of my request.”
-David, Budget and Contracts Analyst

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