Hospital Transcription

Healthcare, the most information-reliant of all industries, is ever evolving as new information displaces old. Information technology not only offers an effective way to collect, store and distribute vital clinical data, but also improves interactions with patients, optimizes clinician training, boosts diagnostic accuracy and provides fast access to current patient information. Technology actually helps hospitals turn regulatory and competitive pressures to their advantage; allowing them to focus on and improve their practices’ patient care. Providing medical attention and subsequent follow-up treatments to the community is by no means an easy task and is profoundly time consuming. In addition to this, each patient’s files and records have to be maintained with precision. As a result, most hospitals depend on outsourcing medical transcription services to transcribe and maintain records.


Medical transcription companies offer hospital transcription services for various medical reports including history and physical examination reports, operative reports, patient discharge summaries, emergency room reports, chart notes, medical evaluations, psychiatric evaluations, x-ray reports and many more.


Some advantages of outsourcing hospital transcription services are:


• Guranteed quality assurance of transcribed reports

• Flexible turnaround times to meet facility expectations

• Automated document distribution to physicians and staff

• Reduced transcription cost – labor and capital expenses

• Single dictation/transcription solution for all facilities


Technology has advanced to the point of making most processes involved in medical transcription automated, and thus taking little time to complete. The procedures from dictation capture, voice file upload and transfer, records management, and reports retrieval can be managed in one system.


Some exceptional features of automated hospital transcription are:

• Online editing of documents

• Single click function – approve, sign, and save documents

• Automatic voice file transfer

• Automatic retrieval of transcribed files

• EMR for electronic data management


This state-of-the-art technology helps to reduce turnaround time. In fact businesses receive their reports on schedule, with no delay. Additionally, there is no concession on quality, as these hospital transcription services follow HIPAA guidelines.

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