The Role of Medical Transcription in Telemedicine


Telemedicine is more popular today than ever before. According to a report, four in every five people have used telemedicine at least once in their lives. This is no surprise as it allows them to receive quality healthcare in the comfort of their own homes. With telemedicine, patients don’t have to get in the car and drive to the hospital or doctor’s office. 

As long as they have access to a reliable internet connection, they may describe their symptoms and even transmit vital signs, like blood pressure readings remotely.  The telemedicine market is projected to hit $130 billion by 2025, making it clear that it’s here to stay. Fortunately, medical transcription has adapted to this technological innovation and made it easier for both healthcare providers and patients. Fast Chart is here to take a closer look at the role of medical transcription in telemedicine. 

Benefits of Medical Transcription in Telemedicine 

While telemedicine offers many advantages, it also forces healthcare professionals to be pulled in a number of different directions. For example, a doctor might assess a patient remotely then consult another provider in a few towns away. They might also care for patients in-person at a local hospital or office. This can make it a real challenge for them to transcribe their notes. By outsourcing the task to a reputable medical transcription company, however, they can enjoy the following benefits.

Time Savings

There’s no denying that medical transcription takes a great deal of time. When healthcare providers are required to handle their own transcription, they may rush other aspects of their job. If they don’t have to worry about medical transcription, they’ll save time and in turn, become more productive with their telemedicine services.

Consistent Records

It’s not easy to keep all patient interactions and records in the same electronic format when telemedicine providers and patients are scattered across different places. With outsourced medical transcription, they can develop a streamlined system that ensures consistency. Providers can find all of the data they need in the same EHR system.

Patient Focus

At the end of the day, quality patient care is what improves outcomes and keeps patients coming back and referring their loved ones. Since outsourcing medical transcription frees up time and reduces burnout, healthcare professionals can focus on their patients. They’ll have less administrative work and be able to concentrate on what they’re good at: practicing medicine via telemedicine.

Individualized Service

Medical transcription is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Every remote healthcare provider has their own unique needs and preferences. A medical transcription company gives them the option to choose from a variety of services. Depending on their particular situation, they may prefer standard services or more specialized services that involve specialized terminology and greater oversight. 

Higher Quality Results

Due to its time-consuming, tedious nature, it’s all too easy to make mistakes with medical transcription. By outsourcing, healthcare practices can enjoy the peace of mind of accurate, top-quality work. They don’t have to worry about manual errors or inconsistencies that are all too common when providers are tasked with both telemedicine and medical transcription.

Increased Profitability

While helping patients is important, so is earning enough to cover expenses and payroll. This is particularly true for healthcare organizations that practice telemedicine. Outsourced medical transcription services can open the doors to more time and more patients, leading to a greater profit margin and improved financial stability. It also saves healthcare entities on an in-house medical transcription team, which involves costly equipment, salaries, benefits, and other hefty expenses. 

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