Medical Transcriptionists

In-House vs. Outsourced Medical Transcriptionists

Upcoming healthcare law that is going into effect later this year has created an increased demand for better clinical documentation which in turn has moved healthcare providers to consider a more cost effective ways to complete the patient narrative.  Outsourcing medical transcription to a qualified medical transcriptionist ranks high on the list for decision makers because it is relatively inexpensive when you consider the alternatives. Hiring in-house medical transcriptionist cost the healthcare provider a premium that is sometimes not affordable. It is for this reason more and more healthcare providers are turning toward superior medical transcription services.

Professional medical transcriptionists are trained to follow HIPAA compliant procedures in handling all types of clinical documentation generated by the healthcare facility. They produce accurate transcripts of patient history, physical reports, clinic notes, emergency room reports, consultation reports, procedures, follow-up notes, and health reports. Their proficiency, professionalism, skill, and expertise make their role essential in any healthcare facility. Finding the quality medical transcriptionists that your practice needs can be a daunting task, that is a long and tedious process. Outsourcing your medical transcriptionist services is considered by many the most economical and prosperous option for your practice.

Why Outsource?

Key reasons to support outsourcing your medical transcriptionist services include increased workflow and productivity, saving time and money by reducing administrative tasks and extremely competitive pricing- pay according to line count. Additionally, outsourced medical transcriptionists cut down accounts receivable cycles, with no upfront IT, hardware, or software licensing.

Medical transcriptionists save on office infrastructure; speed up reimbursements with a reduced turnaround time, effectively streamlining business processes. Outsourcing your medical transcriptionist services takes the hiring, management, and support responsibilities off of your practice’s shoulders.

Other things you can count on are reduced transcription headaches, complete data security, confidentiality of data, and a 30-60% savings in cost.

Medical transcription companies also offer the ability to provide the highest level of customer service, flexibility and workflow expertise to scale up or down depending on the expectations of the client.  Providing integrated technology allows them to distribute clinical documentation via of HL7 integration, printing or faxing to a workstation, downloading to a desktop or provide file transfer protocol (FTP) to accommodate your office requirements.

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