7 Signs of Burnout in the Healthcare Industry

a stressed out nurse to represent Burnout in the Healthcare Industry

Work-related stress can take its toll on workers in any industry, but burnout in the healthcare industry has become especially apparent over the past year. Due to the high-stress nature of work that frontline medical workers experience on a daily basis, it’s no surprise that nurses and other healthcare workers tend to face higher levels of work-related burnout. While there is a correlation between stress and burnout, they are not the same thing. Stress can occur in certain situations but is generally only temporary. On the other hand, burnout is more extreme and requires taking active steps to resolve the situation. At Fast Chart, we supply innovative solutions that can help resolve or prevent healthcare worker burnout, but in order to do this, it’s important to be able to identify signs of burnout in the healthcare industry.

Signs of Burnout in the Healthcare Industry

Burnout can manifest itself in mental, physical, and emotional symptoms. It is caused by long-term involvement, emotionally exhausting or demanding work. Burnout is also a common condition, especially in the healthcare industry. Nearly 50% of physicians report experiencing at least one sign of burnout. Some of the most common signs of burnout in the healthcare industry include:

  • Loss of energy
  • Increased animosity or mental distance from the job
  • Reduced efficiency or performance
  • Loss of sleep
  • Substance abuse
  • Heightened emotions
  • Physical symptoms

Any one of the previous signs of burnout can have resulting effects on patient care and professionalism and negatively impact the mental health and safety of the physician or healthcare worker. In some cases, a worker may decide that the only way to treat the signs of burnout is to leave the healthcare field entirely. Before making this decision, it’s important to look for other ways to help resolve stress and create a healthier work environment.

Causes of Burnouts in the Healthcare Industry

There are multiple factors that contribute to the high-stress environment of the healthcare industry. While some of these factors are out of the hospital or practice’s control, there are some that can be resolved. Some of the main causes of burnout in the healthcare industry include healthcare reform, increased patient volume, and insufficient pay, all of which can be tricky to control. Fortunately, other primary causes of burnout, such as inadequate time with patients, ineffective technology, and an overwhelming amount of time spent on administrative tasks and completing electronic medical records, can all be resolved by outsourcing your clinical documentation with Fast Chart. 


Fast Chart is a medical transcription company that combines technology, experience, and service to provide the highest quality outsourced clinical documentation. We can save you and your staff time and stress while providing an accuracy rate of over 98.5%. By taking advantage of our technological solutions, you can offer higher quality care to your patients and leave the clinical documentation to us. If you have any questions regarding how our solutions can help prevent or resolve burnout in the healthcare industry, please call (919) 477-5152 or contact us online.

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