How Dictation Can Improve Patient Care

How Dictation Can Improve Patient Care | Fast Chart | Blog

Fast Chart’s partnership with M*Modal has revolutionized the way physicians can take clinical notes and transcribe other valuable information. With speech understanding technology provided by Fast Chart, note dictation just became a whole lot easier. M*Modal’s speech understanding technology is the first and only cloud-based platform that has smoothed over issues of former dictation platforms. Instead of needing to call out keywords or only recognizing individual words, speech understanding provided by Fast Chart allows physicians to speak in a normal, conversational tone, making dictation a breeze. With this improved technology, we’re explaining how dictation can improve patient care better than ever before.


It’s a fact: we speak faster than we type, so why do physicians continue to type their notes? Old forms of dictation technology required physicians to speak unnaturally, so some healthcare professionals thought that typing was easier instead of learning specific keyword call-outs or risk missing any pertinent information. However, with speech understanding by M*Modal, dictation is as easy as having a conversation with your patient. Some of the features of speech understanding include a library of over 200,000 voice patterns, so there’s no need to adjust your cadence, accent, or the speed at which you speak. By having dictation technology that truly understands the way you speak, efficiency is improved dramatically.  


As we mentioned, some physicians would resort to typing their notes with other dictation software out of fear that the technology might miss a bit of key information. With the advanced contextual understanding of the physician’s narrative afforded by the speech understanding solution, it is more accurate to dictate your notes rather than type them. When a physician sees multiple patients a day, it can be hard to keep information straight or to recall every detail. If a doctor is handwriting notes, they may be hard to read, and retyping these notes just takes up more of their time. With an accurate dictation service comes the benefit of precise notes that save time while maintaining all of the necessary details.

Increased Patient Satisfaction

When a patient is face-to-face with their physician, it’s an important time to be able to make a connection, and for the patients to ask any questions they may have. If the physician has to pause the conversation or disconnect to take notes, this impacts the overall patient experience. Speech understanding technology can help preserve this experience. Ultimately, dictation can improve patient care by providing valuable time that can be used for conversation and answering questions rather than focusing on notetaking.

Improved Reimbursement

Practices and hospitals of any size know that administrative mistakes can lead to longer claim process times. This is especially true when it comes to ensuring the accuracy of a patient’s health record. Because accuracy is fundamental in receiving reimbursement, dictation can allow a physician to produce a complete and accurate note when the information is gathered in real-time. This accuracy ultimately results in a faster turnaround time for reimbursement. In addition, speech understanding technology adds more value to your time. If dictation can expedite your documentation by even a small percentage, the time you save can equate to thousands of dollars.


If you have been wondering how dictation can improve patient care, reach out to Fast Chart today. Fast Chart is a medical transcription company that combines technology, experience, and service. We provide innovative, accurate, and affordable outsourced clinical documentation that can be scaled to fit any hospital or practice. Contact us to learn more about our services and how Fast Chart’s cloud-based platform can help you improve your processes and secure your healthcare data. Call us for your free quote at (919) 477-5152.

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